How private
exchanges are
US healthcare

Private healthcare exchanges are allowing US employers to curtail healthcare costs and giving employees more choice and control over their healthcare provisions.

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Managing risks during Brazil's economic resurgence

Big questions are being asked about Brazil's economic and political future, but despite recent economic slowdown and street protests the long-term future remains bright.

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  • 5th largest country in the world (85,148,772 sq km)
  • 6th most populous country in the world (201m people)
  • 8th largest economy ($2.33trn GDP)
  • 11th biggest producer of oil (2.652m barrels)

Is this what
we call diversity?

A massive gulf exists between the proportion of women in the US workforce and the proportion of women among Fortune 500 CEOs.

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Gender make up of US workforce

53% male
47% female

Gender make up of Fortune 500 CEOs

96.4% male
3.6% female

American Airlines Group's risk manager discusses insurance strategies

Following the merger of American Airlines with US Airways Group, Franc Hangarter is now risk manager of the world's largest airline - American Airlines Group.

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Are you
data safely?

Companies should consolidate their data and only keep it when there’s a clear business reason.

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How breaches occur

exploited weak or stolen credentials
involved some kind of hacking
incorporated malware
involved physical attacks
leveraged social tactics
involved privilege misuse and abuse
Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7

Why you should constantly reinvent products and services

Market-leading firms must embrace risk and cannibalise successful products with risky innovations.

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Antarctic ski record smashed by Parker Liautaud

Parker Liautaud now holds the record for the fastest ever recorded coast-to-pole ski-expedition in Antarctica.

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